"Leasing in the aviation industry unlocks new horizons by providing flexible access to state-of-the-art aircraft, enabling operators to soar to greater heights without the burdens of ownership and HAMAD AVIATION can help you to fulfill your needs in aircraft leasing”

Operating Lease: An operating lease is a short-to-medium-term lease where the lessee (the operator) pays for the use of the aircraft without assuming ownership or the full economic risks associated with ownership. This type of lease is often favored by operators who prefer flexibility and do not intend to retain the aircraft for its full economic life.

Finance Lease: A finance lease, also known as a capital lease, is a long-term lease where the lessee (the operator) has a greater degree of ownership and assumes most of the risks and rewards of ownership. The lessee typically makes fixed lease payments and has the option to purchase the aircraft at the end of the lease term at a predetermined price.

Wet Lease: A wet lease involves the lease of an aircraft along with a complete crew, including pilots, cabin crew, and maintenance personnel. The lessor provides not only the aircraft but also the operational support and crew. Wet leases are often used for short-term or seasonal needs, such as during peak travel periods or when an operator's own aircraft is undergoing maintenance.

Sale and Leaseback: Sale and leaseback is a financial arrangement where an operator sells its aircraft to a lessor and immediately leases it back for operational use. This allows the operator to unlock capital tied up in the aircraft while maintaining uninterrupted access to the aircraft. Sale and leaseback arrangements can provide financial flexibility to operators.

Each type of leasing option has its own advantages and considerations and HAMAD AVIATION can help you with your all kinds of aircraft leasing, and the choice of lease structure depends on the specific needs, financial goals, and operational requirements of the lessee. It is important to carefully evaluate and negotiate the terms and conditions of the lease to ensure it aligns with the lessee’s objectives.

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When it comes to leasing an aircraft, Hamad Aviation is your trusted partner in the aviation industry. Here are compelling reasons why you should consider entrusting us to take care of the leasing process on behalf of our clients

Extensive Network and Expertise: With our vast network of industry connections and deep expertise in aircraft leasing, Hamad Aviation has the knowledge and resources to secure the right aircraft that aligns with our clients' specific requirements. We understand the complexities of the leasing market and leverage our experience to ensure a seamless and efficient leasing process.

Tailored Solutions: We pride ourselves on providing customized leasing solutions that cater to the unique needs of our clients. Whether it's a short-term operating lease, a long-term finance lease, or a specialized wet lease, we meticulously analyze our clients' objectives and deliver leasing arrangements that optimize their operational and financial goals.

Comprehensive Aircraft Selection: At Hamad Aviation, we offer a wide range of aircraft options for leasing, including various makes, models, and configurations. Our diverse portfolio enables us to match our clients with the most suitable aircraft that meets their performance, capacity, and budgetary requirements.

Regulatory Compliance: We understand the importance of regulatory compliance in the aviation industry. With in-depth knowledge of international aviation regulations and requirements, we ensure that all leased aircraft adhere to the highest safety standards and regulatory obligations. Our meticulous attention to detail and adherence to compliance procedures give our clients peace of mind throughout the leasing process.

Competitive Pricing and Terms: Hamad Aviation is committed to delivering competitive pricing and favorable lease terms to our clients. Leveraging our industry expertise and negotiation skills, we strive to secure the best possible leasing arrangements, taking into consideration factors such as lease rates, payment terms, maintenance obligations, and return conditions.

Streamlined Process and Support: Our dedicated team of leasing experts provides end-to-end support throughout the leasing process. From initial aircraft selection to contract negotiation, from lease administration to ongoing lease management, we ensure a streamlined and hassle-free experience for our clients. Our responsive and proactive approach ensures that our clients receive prompt assistance and guidance at every stage.

Trust and Integrity: Hamad Aviation values trust and integrity in all our business dealings. We prioritize transparency and open communication, establishing long-lasting relationships with our clients based on mutual respect and trust. Our commitment to ethical practices and professional conduct sets us apart as a reliable and trustworthy partner.
Choosing Hamad Aviation for aircraft leasing means gaining a partner that is dedicated to meeting your specific leasing needs. With our extensive network, customized solutions, regulatory expertise, competitive pricing, and exceptional support, we ensure that our clients can focus on their core operations while we take care of their aircraft leasing requirements.

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