2012 Gulfstream 550

2012 Gulfstream 550 Description The Gulfstream G550 is equipped to fly on intercontinental trips and is still capable of taking off from short runways at

2012 Bombardier 6000

2012 BOMBARDIER 6000 Description An ultra-long-range business jet, the Global 6000 offers higher cruise speed, increased range, improved cabin layout, and lighting. Like the Global

2013 Learjet 60

2013 Learjet 60 Description The Learjet 60, a mid-size cabin, medium-range business jet aircraft, is the largest of the Learjet family with new fuel-efficient engines,

2006 Hawker 850XP

2006 Hawker 850XP Description The Hawker 850XP is essentially a Hawker 850XP, with new Raytheon-designed winglets and an improved cabin manufactured by Hawker Beechcraft. Having received

Aircraft Ownership

Aircraft ownership is a dream cherished by many, offering unparalleled freedom, flexibility, and the luxury of personalized travel. However, it also comes with significant responsibilities

Flying with Pets

Traveling with pets is a joyous experience, and with the convenience of private jet travel, it becomes even more enjoyable. Flying with pets in a


2016 Gulfstream 650er Description The Gulfstream 650ER. This model is capable of flying 7,500+ nautical miles at Mach 0.85+. It can carry up to 19


2008 Embraer legacy Description The super-midsize Legacy 600 works as hard as you do, delivering over 99% dispatch reliability coupled with exceptional capabilities and remarkable

2009 HAWKER 900XP

2009 HAWKER 900XP Description The Hawker 900XP is an enhanced version of the 850XP with increased range, performance data, new turbofan engines and avionics. One of the